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I believe that political posturing in this country as reached a record level. Everyone from the most experienced and veteran politicians seems to forget that politics is the art of mediation for the greater good of the people.

For the past few years we only have had growth in lobbying, super pacs (recently), and wasteful use of collected donations and contribution that come from people who truly believe in a given cause.

Hence, the trail of misleading elected official start at small village level up to congress. Nevertheless, people seem to forget that collusion with special interests is what drives choices that brought on the economic crisis, greater level of corruption and ultimately missing the boat on what really needs to happen.

So let’s try to civilized again. Let’s make sure that people who go to represent each and everyone of us don’t simply make the usual promises without really getting other than their own business done! Let’s vote congressmen that are less inept, less corrupt and not in the bag with special interest groups!